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22 June 2010
PBS News Hour Treats Chicken Abuse as Cute Advertising
Please post a protest letter to PBS. They need to hear from us now.

As an intro and conclusion to its June 21st story on Small Business Credit, PBS News Hour thought it cute to feature a terrified chicken being chased by a business owner in front of jeering employees:


Please tell the producers of PBS News Hour that this coverage has descended to an all-time low. If they want to produce a serious news story, they should cover the human-animal violence connection that demonstrates that cruelty to animals encourages violence at all levels throughout society.

Tell PBS not to be part of the problem, but to find other metaphors to describe the plight of small business owners that do not involve cruelty to, and humiliation of, less powerful creatures.

Remind them that the American public is disgusted with and exhausted from pictures of terrified and dying birds in the Gulf, and PBS can do better than mock the torment of birds.

Please mention the "June 21, 2010 PBS News Hour Program on Small Business Credit" in your comments which you may submit at:

Thank you for taking time to let PBS know that it's wrong to mock and harass animals. Please forward widely.

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