United Poultry Concerns October 27, 2004

Christian Science Monitor Looks at the Search for “Guilt-Free” Food

Today’s edition of The Christian Science Monitor has two articles on page 15 on the ethics of diet: “One woman’s quest to enjoy her dinner without guilt” by Amanda Paulson, and “’Cage-free’ eggs: not all they’re cracked up to be?” by Jennifer Wolcott.

Animal activists including UPC President Karen Davis, COK’s Paul Shapiro, and Tom Regan are quoted on vegetarianism, cage-free hens, factory farming, and organic farming. Karen Davis says chickens are “living beings with hearts and nervous systems, pain receptors like those of humans,” and they have certain instinctual needs such as the need for “privacy to lay eggs.” The articles are online at:

http://csmonitor.com/2004 /1027/p15s01-lifo.htm

http://csmonitor.c om/2004/1027/p15s02-lifo.htm

Letters can be posted online in the CSM’s Feedback section.

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