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19 June 2011
Animals Today - Hear Karen Davis on Mark Zuckerberg Today!
UPC President Criticizes Zuckerberg’s Cruelty & Pacelle’s Plea for Plaudits

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Animals Today Radio With Dr. Lori Kirshner

This week, we will be speaking with Morgan Lance, USA Director of Animals Asia Foundation. She and AAF have been working in China and Vietnam to end the practice of "bear farming" to harvest the animals' bile.

Then, Karen Davis from United Poultry Concerns comes on to comment about Mark Zuckerberg's wacky new diet (kills any animals he eats with his hands) and Wayne Pacelle's supportive blog. Read Karen Davis’s essay about this: “Only Connect.” Is Boiling a Lobster a Bonding Experience?

We will also tell you about a new book we like called Unlikely Friendships, by Jennifer S. Holland, and the news with Peter.

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