United Poultry Concerns November 11, 2003

Live chickens to be tortured in Spanish blood fiesta

This is a forward from the Spanish Organization APA S.O.S Bilbao, Spain.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 in the village of Villabona (Basque
country, Spain) a fiesta with chickens will take place. From the early
morning on village youths will ask the villagers for live chickens.
Usually they will collect around 12 chickens. In the afternoon one chicken after
another is put in a box, which is then buried into the ground. The head of
the chicken will stick out of the box. Blindfolded village youths will
then try to decapitate them with a sword.

I have seen video footage taken by Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe
(FAACE) from a similar chicken fiesta, which also took place in the Basque
Country (in the village of Aduna). The chickens are severely mutilated and
suffer endlessly before they are killed.

This is a sample letter by APA S.O.S Bilbao. It is directed to the mayor
of the village.

Address: Alcalde de Villabona
Phone: +34 943 69 21 00
Fax: +34 943 69 33 76

Sr. Alcalde:
He tenido conocimiento que en Villabona se celebrará el
próximo jueves una "fiesta popular" en la cual se entierran vivos a los
pollos dejando sus cabezas a merced de la espada de unos" valientes" mozos
con los ojos vendados hasta que son decapitados. Si esta "fiesta" se
celebra por tradición creo que por el mero hecho de serlo no justifica su
supervivencia en el siglo XXI. El Gobierno Vasco elaboró la Ley de
Protección de los Animales. En ella se insta a fomentar el respeto a los
Guipuzcua es una provincia moderna y no puede seguir manteniendo estas
tradiciones crueles y con
tanto sufrimiento gratuito. Hasta que todo esto no se suspenda no visitaré
su localidad y así lo haré saber a todas mis amistades.

Dear Mayor,
I have learnt that in Villabona a fiesta popular will take place this
coming Thursday, during which chickens are buried alive and some "daring"
blindfolded youths will try to decapitate them with a sword. If this
fiestas takes place for tradition, I do not think, that this is reason enough to
justify its presence in the 21st century. The Basque government has
created an animal welfare law, which aims at promoting respect for the animals.
Guipuzcoa is a modern province and cannot maintain these cruel traditions
which include gratuitous violence. As long as this goes on, I shall not
visit your village and I shall inform my friends accordingly.

Thank you,
Mechthild Mench

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