United Poultry Concerns December 1, 2004

Urge University of Delaware President to Stop Nutritional Deprivation Experiments On Chicks and Ducklings

Chicks and ducklings are used in nutritional deprivation experiments taught by Dr. William Saylor at the University of Delaware. Students reportedly are divided into teams and issued chicks and ducklings who are fed a variety of feeds, and the results are observed. Students recently reported that, during a class experiment this fall, the legs of several chicks were twisted, curled, and unusable, helpless ducklings were being trampled on by other birds, and crippled chicks and ducklings could not reach watering devices because of, and adding to, their debility and suffering induced by intentional dietary deficiencies and related welfare problems.

Students in Dr. Saylor’s class contacted PETA when it appeared to them that no one in charge of the experiments cared about the chicks or the ducklings.

Experiments like these have been conducted for decades. In addition to being cruel and unethical, they are totally outdated. The effect on chickens and ducks of improper nutrition has been thoroughly documented. The effect of proper versus improper nutrition for chickens is available in industry textbooks such as Chicken Meat and Egg Production, 5 th Edition, edited by Donald D. Bell and William D. Weaver, Jr., and on university poultry extension service websites. This information is also available on CD-ROMs, videos, and slides.


Contact: Dr. David Roselle, President
Office of the President
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 USA
Phone: 302-831-2111
Fax: 302-831-1297
Email: Roselle@udel.edu

Urge Dr. Roselle to authorize immediate euthanasia of any remaining suffering birds used in recent experiments. A veterinarian can inject these birds with sodium pentobarbital to provide a painless death. In addition, urge Dr. Roselle to remove this experiment from the curriculum and replace it with textbooks, videos, slides, and visits to area farms. Request a written response to your concerns.

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