United Poultry Concerns January 31, 2005

UPC Brings You the Following Three Action Alerts

Please write politely to those whose help and attention we seek.

  1. Contact Albertsons for the Ducks
  2. Urge Oklahoma Officials to Investigate Cockfighting
  3. Write a Thoughtful Letter to Harper’s Magazine

1. Contact Albertsons for the Ducks

Viva!USA has been urging Albertsons grocery chain (also known as Acme, Jewel-Osco, Savon, and Shaw’s) to stop selling factory farmed duck meat. So far, Albertsons has refused to take stand. Meanwhile, ducks are suffering horribly for Albertsons. They are deprived of water to bathe and rinse their eyes in among other abuses. Please contact Albertsons and ask that they stop purchasing duck meat from Maple Leaf Farms and its subsidiary Woodland Farms today. Contact:

Larry Johnson, CEO
250 Parkcenter Blvd
PO Box 20
Boise, ID 83726
Toll Free: 877-932-7948

Email: https://www.albertsons.com/abs_aboutalber tsons/dearalbertsons/contactus.asp

2. Urge Oklahoma Officials to Investigate Suspected Cockfighting

Please urge Broken Bow and McCurtain County officials, in Oklahoma, to investigate a property where a large number of birds are reportedly chained to small huts 10 miles north of Broken Bow, near the Beavers Bend Resort/Steven’s Gap Area exit off Highway 259. Photos obtained by PETA show conditions typical of properties where birds are raised and trained to fight. Kindly remind officials that blood sports such as cockfighting put the whole community at risk as they are not only cruel to animals but are often linked to other violent crimes. It is a felony to encourage cockfighting, possess or train birds for cockfighting, or maintain a facility for cockfighting in Oklahoma, and the federal animal Welfare Act prohibits interstate commerce of birds for fighting purposes. Contact:

The Honorable Jerry Don Smith, Mayor
Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce
113 W. Martin Luther King Drive
Broken Bow, OK 74728
Fax: 580-584-7698

Aubrey Thompson, McCurtain County Commissioner
Jim Freeny, McCurtain County Commissioner
Jim Westbrook, McCurtain County Commissioner
PO Box 1078
County Commissioner’s Office
Idabel, OK 74745-1078
Fax: 580-286-7495

Sheriff Johnny Tadlock
McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office
200 N. Central
Idabel, OK 74745
Fax: 580-286-7410

The Honorable Virginia Sanders, District Attorney
Oklahoma 17 th District
108 N. Central
Idabel, OK 74745
Fax: 580-286-7613

3. Write to Harper’s Magazine – but read the article first!

The February 2005 issue of Harper’s Magazine features a report titled “CloneYour Troubles Away: Dreaming at the Frontiers of Animal Husbandry,” by David Quammen. He describes experiments on animals at Texas A&M and elsewhere, who’s paying for them, and why. While Quammen grants there may be ethical issues involved in cloning (and similar genetic experiments), he concludes that when it comes to cloning humans or nonhuman animals, there is only “a set of choices among shades of gray” and degrees of nuttiness. The focus of this report is on nonhuman animal cloning and related experiments. Address mail to:

Harper’s Magazine
666 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Email: letters@harpers.org

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