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16 January 2014
Ezra the rooster, sacrificed cruelly in a cemetery
He survived for a week to be saved

On January 8, Robert Grillo of Free from Harm wrote to UPC:

Nothing could have prepared me for the series of texts and emails I received last night describing a ritual “offering” of a live rooster who was found with his legs tied very tightly together and placed at a headstone in a cemetery. Tied to his legs was a baby doll, ribbons and a piece of fatty, raw meat. Apparently, someone visiting a deceased relative reported seeing him alive on Christmas Eve and called police. But upon returning New Year’s Eve found him still there, so he languished in the cold without food or water for at least a week or more through these record winter storms.

Ezra the rooster

Whoever did this intended for him to die a slow and painful death from starvation, dehydration, hypothermia or predator attack. Today he’ll be seeing a vet to assess what his prospects are, which don’t look very good. He has severe frostbite in his extremities and his feet are black, which may indicate gangrene or severe frostbite. We assume he was the victim of some form of ritual religious sacrifice. Photo attached.

Robert Grillo, Executive Director

Free from Harm

On January 15, Robert wrote to UPC:

Karen, He has miraculously recovered from the surgery to remove his feet and part of a leg which was afflicted with gangrene. He appears alert and surprisingly animated, eating well and quite communicative. Here's the first post I published on him:
-- Robert

Ezra the rooster

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