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24 January 2014
Change.org Petition to Bill Gates: No KFC in Africa!

Photo of chicken breeding farm in Africa

A chicken breeding farm in Africa

Change.org is petitioning the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation urging Bill and Melinda Gates NOT to Support KFC in Africa!

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates, and Foundation Directors:

It has recently been reported by United Poultry Concerns that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made substantial donations enabling African farmers to grow soy for chicken feed for companies including KFC and Burger King. We, the undersigned, understand that there must be a better way to foster economic development in Africa, while supporting the small-scale farmer. With Bill and Melinda Gates’s stated commitment to meat alternatives, shouldn't the Gates Foundation channel funds so that farmers can produce plant food directly for human consumption, without using animals as a middle phase? (Currently, 97 percent of soy is grown for animal feed, not for human consumption. It should be the other way around!) Exporting our fast-food model and supporting it through soy production for chickens and other farmed animals may seem expedient, but this American model isn't making Americans healthy and it certainly won't make Africans healthy. We therefore call upon you to fund a more ethical and sustainable model of food production to support true development and good health in Africa.

Sign the Paolo Augello Senior petition on Change.org.


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