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7 February 2014
Ezra the Rooster Was Saved from Sacrifice
on New Year’s Eve. How is he doing?
Here’s an Update from Free from Harm.

EZRA was left to die as a ritual sacrifice in December 2013, in a Chicago cemetery where he lay on the ground immobilized in freezing temperatures for more than a week. For background, see Ezra the rooster, sacrificed cruelly in a cemetery. He survived for a week to be saved. Many people have sent Get Well wishes to Ezra during his difficult hospital surgery and have asked to be kept informed on his progress. Here he is!

Free from Harm’s executive director, Robert Grillo, provided this Update on Ezra on Feb 6: “Ezra's doing great. Here he is pictured with his primary caretaker, Melissa Summer Pena. His sutures from the surgery were removed and he has fully healed. He still needs a lot of special care. We're also exploring the best options for him for his long term mobility. We're consulting with people who have dealt with similar cases of birds whose legs had been amputated due to frostbite and/or gangrene.”

Robert Grillo, Executive Director

Free from Harm

Melissa with Ezra the rooster

Photo: Melissa Summer Pena

*Robert Grillo is a featured speaker at UPC’s Conscious Eating Conference, Sunday April 6, in Berkeley, CA. To register for this amazing conference, please go to http://www.upc-online.org/forums/2014/

We look forward to having you with us!

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