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27 July 2015
Meet UPC at the Animal Rights National Conference July 30-August 2
Animal Rights National Conference

UPC President Karen Davis and Projects Manager Hope Bohanec will be speaking and book-signing, and United Poultry Concerns will host an exhibit table. We look forward to seeing you, so please stop by, grab our great literature, meet our staff, buy our books, attend our talks!

Karen Davis & Hope Bohanec’s Speaking Schedule

New Directions for Animal Advocacy
Saturday, Aug. 1 @ 9:00 AM

Karen Davis will discuss “The Ethical Deviant and Pessimism vs. Negativity in Animal Activism”: Challenging the tyranny of custom and complacence in our movement and in the public domain.

Newcomer Session: Leaders' Journeys
Saturday, Aug. 1 @ 10:45 AM

Karen Davis will describe her rocky road from “Hunting Grounds to Chicken Rights” and lessons learned along the way.

Book signing at the Lantern Books exhibit table
Saturday, Aug. 1 @ 2:15

Karen Davis will sign & sell her books More Than a Meal: The Turkey in History, Myth, Ritual, and Reality; and The Holocaust and The Henmaid’s Tale: A Case for Comparing Atrocities.

The Humane Hoax
Saturday, Aug. 1 @ 3:45

Hope Bohanec will present “Challenging The Humane Hoax: Animal Industries’ Use of Language and Labels to Deceive Consumers.” Is the trend toward cage-free and organic really the answer to the many problems of raising animals for food? This presentation answers this critical question.

Reaching Out to Children
Sunday, Aug. 2 @ 10:45 AM

Karen Davis will discuss “The Role of Socialization in Shaping Children’s Perception of Farmed Animals,” and why our best hope is not 5-year-olds, but 5-year-olds supported by Ethically Deviant Adults.

Impact of Infectious Diseases on Farmed Animals and Humans
Sunday, Aug. 2 @ 3:45 PM

Karen Davis will discuss “Salmonella, Avian Flu, and Animal Rights.”

All the news of infectious diseases these days is related to poultry production.

Karen will explain how the cruelty and contamination are linked, and what animal advocates can and must do.

See you (we hope!) at the
Animal Rights National Conference


Karen Davis staffs UPC exhibit table at the North American Vegetarian Society Summerfest 2013
Karen Davis, PhD, President of United Poultry Concerns


Hope Bohanec speaking
Hope Bohanec, Projects Manager for United Poultry Concerns


cec upc banner
UPC staff left to right: Ronnie Steinau, Hope Bohanec, Karen Davis, Veda Stram & Liqin Cao


Franklin Wade at the UPC table
Franklin Wade, UPC Vice President, Graphic Designer & Website Administrator


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