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5 October 2015
A Is for Animal: The Animal User’s Lexicon

By Joel Marks, University of New Haven (CT)
Published in Between the Species, August 2015


The present article offers a lexicon of words that are used by human beings, however unintentionally or ingenuously, to maintain their mastery or prerogatives over other animals. A motivating assumption of the article is that putting on display the verbal menagerie in animal agriculture, animal experimentation, and the rest of the industries and institutions that use nonhuman animals, could go a long way toward eliminating these enterprises, since they are built as much on equivocation as on exploitation.

Read the article here:
Between the Species

Joel Marks
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of New Haven
Bioethics Center Scholar, Yale University
Founder, Animal Ethics Group, Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

Karen Davis’s essay referenced in this article can be read here:
Chicken or Broiler, Cow or Steer, Owner or Guardian?
- Liberating the Language of Animal Abuse

We thank Professor Marks for sharing his insightful “dictionary of euphemisms” with UPC and for granting us permission to share it with our supporters. – UPC Editor


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