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10 May 2016
UPC Kiosks Take “What Wings Are For”
to New York City Streets

International Respect for Chickens Month Celebrates Chickens in NYC!


Kiosk on New York city street Kiosk on New York city street

Main Street Vegan

“I was so excited to see this sign from United Poultry Concerns in my #Harlem neighborhood today. Seasoned Vegan. Hip Hop is Green Org. Uptown Juice Bar

Vegan Future Now

“The good folks at United Poultry Concerns have an excellent new vegan campaign, and we were so happy to see signs for it in our neighborhood. Well done, UPC!”



“I saw an ad of yours today in my Bronx NYC neighbourhood and was very touched by it. My neighbourhood is very meat-centric and we have live slaughter places that break my heart. I do hope that this reaches out to more people here to begin a more compassionate lifestyle. :) Thank you!”
– Ruby Elliott



Dear Friends,

We’re delighted to share with you our International Respect for Chickens Month Kiosk Poster campaign in New York City! Starting May 2 for 4 weeks, we’re running 100 of these highly visible phone booth posters in the outer-boroughs and 70 posters in Manhattan. $30,000 covers our poster outreach to millions of New Yorkers and visitors in the Big Apple! We happily accept donations for this current project and future projects on behalf of chickens and the joy of vegan living.

Thank You for Your Support!
– United Poultry Concerns


Kiosk on New York city street
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