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10 August 2016
Chicken Who Fell Off Slaughter Truck Gets Rescued From the Highway and Starts a New Life
Reva’s Story on Today’s One Green Planet! Read, Like & Share!


Dear Friends,

On July 30 we posted the story of our dear chicken Reva, who was left to die on the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge in Virginia when a compassionate couple swept her off the highway and brought her to live at United Poultry Concerns.

We are pleased to share Reva’s story, told by her rescuer, Kathy O’Hara, on today’s edition of One Green Planet.

Read Reva’s story on One Green Planet


Wondering how Reva is doing these days? Here she is!

Reva the hen
Photo by Karen Davis, August 4, 2016

Thank you, everyone, for your many kind messages wishing Reva well.

Reva on the porch
Photo by Karen Davis, August 4, 2016


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