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23 September 2016
Healthy Planet Radio with
UPC President Karen Davis
6pm Eastern Today!

Friday, September 23 at 6 PM - 7 PM EDT
Also Available Online for One Week After the Show

Join Healthy Planet's Bob DiBenedetto for an interview with author, and longtime President of the United Poultry Concerns, Karen Davis, PhD.

We'll be discussing the little known facts about the birds who are mostly thought of as options on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus -- chickens and turkeys. The poultry industry generally portrays these creatures as distinctly unlike the cats, dogs and other animals (who most think of as family) and therefore, not deserving of consideration. But is that an accurate depiction of these birds? Or are they capable of forming relationships (even with humans) and social structures, experiencing a wide range of emotions, answering to their names, anticipating pleasure and much more?


Karen Davis, PhD, is uniquely qualified to answer these questions, and to reveal the facts about poultry that can only come from in-depth study, observation, and the forming of relationships with individual birds over the course of many years. She’s the Founder and President of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl including a sanctuary for chickens in Virginia. Author of numerous books, articles and op-eds, in 2002 Karen was inducted into the National Animal Rights Hall of Fame for Outstanding Contributions to Animal Liberation.

Listen in to learn more on this important topic from a trusted authority. You'll also learn about how you can make a difference in creating a world where our actions are guided by an intelligent assessment of the facts, and compassion, rather than by marketing and dated social norms from generations past!


The Healthy Planet Radio Show focuses on topics that will help to educate you about the deep connection among all life on Earth, and the powerful effects your everyday choices can have on creating a clean, healthy and compassionate world.

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This program will air at 6PM on Friday, September 24th, on 90.1 FM, WUSB, and will be available online for one week following the show.


To listen live

  • Tune into 90.1 FM at show time, or log onto the WUSB website.
  • At the top, right hand corner of this page, under the words “ON AIR”, click on “Tune in: High”.


To listen to the archive
Listen online for one week following the show!

  • Go to the WUSB website.
  • Look on the calendar below for the “Natural Alternatives” block on Friday from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.
  • Press the small speaker icon in that block and your computer will guide you through the rest of the process.


Listen, learn, grow and join us in making a difference!


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