United Poultry Concerns August,10 2004

UPC Brings You Three Alerts

  1. UPC President Karen Davis appears on the Jeff Katz Show tomorrow - Wednesday, August 11, 6:15 - 6:45 PM ET and 3:15 - 3:45 PM PT. In Washington DC, that's WMET 11.50 AM on the dial. You can also listen to the show at Libertybroadcasting.com. We will discuss the work of United Poultry Concerns on behalf of chickens including our Mad Cows to Mad Chickens Forum coming up on August 21-22. Tune in!

  2. UPC President Karen Davis' book PRISONED CHICKENS, POISONED EGGS: AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE MODERN POULTRY INDUSTRY is now available as a Free PDF at www.upc-online.org . Booklist calls PRISONED CHICKENS "a case argued with passion." Publishers Weekly praised PRISONED CHICKENS for its "thoroughly researched analysis of the gruesome . . . lives of factory farmed chickens."

  3. UPC's Forum MAD COWS TO MAD CHICKENS is coming up! To register, visit upc-online.org and click on complete forum information on the homepage. Fax, phone, or mail your registration in to UPC. Thanks!


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