22 July 2022

They Shut Their Ears to Her Cries as She Died a Merciless Death

The suffering of these hens is “extremely profound.”
–Attorney Will Lowrey, Animal Outlook

Investigators found hens “literally roasted alive – still in their cages . . . even buried alive.” –Direct Action Everywhere

“We are concerned that our reputation as caring advocates for animals is tarnished each time our profession is used to lend legitimacy to this brutal practice.” – Our Honor in a letter to The American Veterinary Medical Association

Weak hen with missing feathers standing in the darkness

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) photo of a hen who survived VSD+ killings at Rembrandt Farms in Iowa in March 2022

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is holding their annual convention in Philadelphia this month. We are calling on the AVMA to use the opportunity to formally oppose a merciless method of exterminating millions of helpless birds on factory farms, to control the avian influenza outbreaks that constantly infect these birds, mired helplessly in disease-spreading squalor.

Called Ventilation Shutdown-Plus, this method involves sealing up the buildings and shutting off the air supply. The “Plus” means adding intolerable levels of heat and carbon dioxide poisoning, resulting in a slow, agonizing death by suffocation and heatstroke for millions of chickens, turkeys and ducks.

U.S. taxpayers pay for these killings through U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidies aimed at protecting industry profits at the expense of the animals. Since February, 40 million birds have died this horrible death.

Veterinarians and animal advocates have begged the AVMA to stop condoning Ventilation Shutdown- Plus as a favor to agribusiness, and to honor the Veterinarian’s Oath to prevent and relieve animal suffering and uphold the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

So far, the AVMA has turned a deaf ear.

Courtesy of Animal Outlook
NC State Univesity VSD Experiment
This hen is being deliberately baked to death with other hens in a Ventilation Shutdown experiment by researchers at North Carolina State University funded by the U.S. poultry industry.

While the AVMA cannot ban Ventilation Shutdown-Plus, their opposition to a particularly inhumane method of killing carries industry weight.

We believe the AVMA has a moral obligation toward these trapped and helpless animals – an obligation over and above corporate cozying.

Please urge the AVMA to condemn Ventilation Shutdown-Plus.

Urge the AVMA to step up for the birds and all animals they are pledged to protect.

American Veterinary Medical Association
1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100 Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360
Phone: 800-248-2862
Fax: 847-925-1329

Website/Contact: www.avma.org

NC State Univesity VSD Experiment
Screenshot: The Intercept / North Carolina State University footage that Animal Outlook obtained via FOIA [Freedom of Information Act Request].
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 Photo of UPC Sanctuary Residents Zenobia, Julia & Jolene © Davida G. Breier & www.NoVoiceUnheard.org
Photo of UPC sanctuary hens by Davida G. Breier.