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9 September 2013
The Hens Have Arrived Safely

Dear Karen,

Hens being loaded on to the plane.

Jamie (left) loading plane

Our coast-to-coast hen flight landed and all hens are safe and sound. I wanted to share the update I received from Animal Care Director Jamie London, aboard the plane with the hens.

"I just let out a big sigh of relief! We finished unloading the plane and the hens are alive and well. The flight was tough with a lot of turbulence. If I was feeling it, I know the hens must have been really stressed. After everything they've been through, I hated seeing them like that. Once we landed and started pulling out crates, it became clear that all souls on board survived. I'm glad I could be with them as they criss-crossed the country. I'm grateful they won't be hurt by the egg industry anymore. Signing off, Jamie London"

We are proud of this rescue and this chartered flight of 1,150 hens to the east coast. The response has been (mostly) positive and the public is learning more and more about who eggs come from and how they are treated.

With compassion,
Kim Sturla
Executive Director

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