In Memory Of Flossie

Dear UPC,

I was deeply moved by the fact that you cared enough to call and console me over the death of my precious angel, Flossie. I was wondering if you could publish this memorial to her in your next issue of PoultryPress:

Once in a life we may experience unconditional love. This little hen's love taught me to know this kind of love. Flossie would sit in my lap and place her beak under my right ear and close her eyes and go to sleep as I held her close to my heart. She liked nothing better than to be near me. She would also take her left wing and place it over my arm, drawing my arm closer to her as she rested in my lap.

I lost Flossie in June. I buried her in the rain under a banana tree where she used to stand. My tears washed down my cheeks into the soft earth. Fly softly my little one, and wait for me.
Rod White, Tampa, Florida