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Cage-Free Eggs Still Inhumane

Letter-To-The-Editor Scores 1 For the Birds: Cage-Free Eggs Still Inhumane

UPC member Jennifer Kaden published this amazing letter in the Sunday Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, June 22.  It was in response to this article from last week:  
Here is Jennifer's letter:  

Cage-free eggs still inhumane

Thank you for the excellent article explaining the lack of regulation on "cage-free" eggs ("Cage-free living isn't always equal," June 17). However, describing these birds as "happy" is a gross misrepresentation. Despite what the industry would like us to believe, there is no such thing as humane, cage-free eggs. Egregious cruelty is routine even in "cage-free" and "free-range" facilities.

Just like caged hens, the birds are debeaked without anesthetic - a portion of the beak is seared off, causing acute and chronic pain. The quarter of a billion male chicks hatched each year are of no value in egg production; they are ground up alive or smothered in the trash. And almost all egg-laying hens endure "forced molting," being intentionally starved for up to 14 days to shock the body into another laying cycle.

Egg-laying hens are arguably the most abused animals on the planet. Let's not be fooled by semantics.

Jennifer Kaden, Cleveland Heights


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(Environment: LA Times Commentary: There's a Bone to Pick With Meat Eaters - May 27, 2002)

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