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14 January 2015
The Face of Humane Farming: Investigation of Whole Foods Finds Blatant Cruelty to Chickens

Hen at Whole Foods supplier

Grassroots animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) recently conducted an open rescue and investigation of Petaluma Poultry, a Northern California supplier for Whole Foods supermarkets. The farm under investigation was/is a cage-free, “certified humane” operation.

Instead of what Whole Foods calls “Chickens Raised with Care,” the investigators found starving, debeaked hens and roosters covered in feces and crowded in a dark shed so thick with pollution the investigators’ eyes and throats burned. In the video you watch them gently gather up one little hen who is dying and carry her out of that terrible place and nurse her back to health and happiness. They name her Mei Hua, which means Beautiful Flower.

The conditions uncovered on this “certified humane” animal farm supplier for Whole Foods supermarkets expose the lie of humane labeling. Watch the video and see for yourself:

DxE Whole Foods investigation

Direct Action Everywhere activist Brian Burns will discuss DxE’s philosophy and strategies at UPC’s 4th Annual Conscious Eating Conference in Berkeley, CA Saturday April 4 cohosted by Animal Place. Registration is now open – please join us!

Hen in overcrowded living conditions
“Certified Humane is a LIE. Please care about me. Choose compassion. Be vegan.”

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