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16 June 2003

Karen Davis 757-678-7875
Pattrice Jones 410-651-4934

United Poultry Concerns, Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary Will Protest Delmarva Festival of Death

Date & Time: Saturday, June 21 from Noon to 4 PM.
Place: Delaware State University off Route 13 in Dover
Meeting Place & Time: 11:45 in the Best Buy Parking Lot
Across from the campus entrance on Rt 13.

Machipongo, Va., Princess Anne, Md - Members of United Poultry Concerns and the Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary will distribute bundles of Chickens brochures to attendees, hold posters, signs and answer questions on behalf of chickens and against the chicken industry on Saturday, June 21 from noon to 4 p.m. The Delmarva poultry industry is a dying industry, a disease-ridden industry, a deceptive, death-ridden dump of an industry. Some points:

  • Chicken production on Delmarva has declined over the past five years, in part because it can no longer treat the environment as a toxic waste dump for millions of dead birds and tons of manure without restraint.
  • “Poultry today are even more susceptible to viruses and diseases,” according to University of Maryland researchers, because of how they are raised. “As fast as scientists and researchers act to develop vaccines . . . the viruses counteract and reemerge in new, more virulent strains.” (Maryland Research Spring 2002)
  • During their 42-47 days of life, chickens live in filthy litter, toxic ammonia, and poisonous Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria. A farmer’s neighbor states: “The chickens are raised in conditions that should only be in nightmares or grade B movies. They cram so many chickens into those tunnel houses and just give them that small amount of light so that at 5 weeks the birds can hardly stand because their legs are so weak and with no natural light or exercise their joints are too soft to carry the weight.”
  • Q: Isn’t there a ban on feeding potentially infectious Mad Cow ingredients to cows?

    A: Yes, but those same animals are fed to chickens and chickens are fed back to cows, so a US cow could consume infected brain and spinal tissue by eating rendered chickens and contaminated chicken litter, which are part of the unwholesome diet of both cattle and chickens.

  • Q: Are chickens who were sick with airsacculitis (an E. coli-based pneumonia-like infection in which pockets of pus form in various parts of the body) sold to consumers?
A: Yes. All the time.
  • Q: Do chickens with diseases, tumors, feathers, sores, scabs, bruises and smeared with potentially deadly digestive contents get turned into chicken nuggets and other chicken products?

A: Yes. All the time.

  • Q : What do the chickens do in the slaughterhouse?
A: They try everything in their power to get away from the killing machine and to get away from you. They look at you, they open their mouths. They’ve been paralyzed with electric shocks so their muscles don’t work, but their eyes do, and you can tell by them looking at you, they’re scared to death. (former Tyson slaughterhouse worker.)

Please join us at the Delmarva Chicken Festival of Death and Stick Up for Chickens and for Life. For information contact Karen Davis at 757-678-7875 or Pattrice Jones at 410-651-4934.

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. http://www.upc-online.org

Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary provides a haven for birds who have escaped or been rescued from the poultry and egg industries or other abusive circumstances and conducts education aimed at diet change and agricultural reform. http://www.bravebirds.org



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