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Activist Friends Rescue Abandoned Hen in Atlanta, Georgia!

On May 9, 2013, Atlanta resident Tom Yerger emailed UPC:

Reaching out for help rescuing a chicken in Atlanta. I live in an urban subdivision and someone abandoned a hen in our neighborhood 2 weeks ago. I’ve been searching everywhere for help and have been able to find a couple of homes for the chicken. But, the problem is I cannot catch her.

The hen is in a common area near our home next to two roads with foot traffic from a paved bike trail nearby. There are cats, dogs and hawks in the area. She seems to be doing OK and knows well enough to stay off the road and run away from strangers, but there is no way she can last here. Do you know anyone in Atlanta that can help me?

Thanks, Tom Yerger

(UPC responded with advice but in the end Tom and his friends devised their own solution.)

June 4, 2013

We caught the chicken and she was relocated to a farm with pet chickens. Several people deserve credit as we had to get community approval to delay spraying of herbicide in the area and to construct a huge net (14 foot high with perimeter of 150 feet). Julie Robertson and two volunteers from Georgia Animal Rights and Protection actively assisted in building/raising a net and catching the hen.

I understand she is adjusting well to her new home. I’ve attached a photo of her with her new rooster friend. Was a lot of work but very gratifying for all of us to have saved this chicken.

Tom Yerger

rescued atlanta hen
Photo Courtesy of Tom Yerger
In her new home with her rooster friend.
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