United Poultry Concerns
6 June 2011
International Respect for Chickens Day at New Orleans Veggie Fest

mary lapara and peggy
Mary Lapara (on right) and her friend Peggy.

This year for International Respect for Chickens Day, I hosted an exhibit table for UPC at the 2nd annual New Orleans Veggie Fest May 21-22. The festival had a great turnout despite the lack of air conditioning in an ancient dilapidated building! I was really impressed with the turnout and the number of people who took interest in our important cause of poultry welfare.

At the end of the festival on Sunday, it was about 15 minutes from closing when a gentleman visited the booth and said he was very familiar with UPC and loved the organization and thanked me for being there...Then he gave me a donation for UPC! I maintained my composure but got a little teary eyed in front of him as I thanked him profusely! I cried the whole way home – it was mainly a happy cry - that someone cared so much about the suffering of poultry! I hope I can do this again next year as well. Thank You for allowing me represent UPC at the veggie fest for International Respect for Chickens month. It was a huge honor for me.

Many Sincere Thanks!
Mary Lapara

serama chickens
2 tiny Serama chickens that a fellow chicken rescuer brought for me to meet.
The rooster is blind and the little white hen is “his seeing eye chicken.”
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