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17 April 2014
International Respect for Chickens Day
Off & Running in San Francisco!

“Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I was astonished to see one of your big advertisements on the back of a Muni bus as I was walking to work this morning. I was so surprised to see this message- it was the one of a mama hen with her wings wrapped around her chick, with the words ‘What Wings are For. Go Vegan.’ I want to tell you that I am absolutely delighted to see this big bold message, for all San Franciscan commuters and pedestrians to see and think about. I’ve been vegan for just under 3 years now, and am loving my cruelty-free, healthy life. Just wanted to THANK YOU and tell you that you’re doing a GREAT job!”

Carmel O'Connell
Department of Pediatrics
California Pacific Medical Center

Want to learn more about WHY International Respect for Chickens Day? Tune in to UPC President Karen Davis’s April 13 Interview, on the Meria Heller Show, at: prn.fm/meria-heller-show-karen-davis-041314. Click on “Podcast: Play in new window” and the show will start.

For more about what YOU can do for chickens in May, see: www.upc-online.org/respect

Thank you for making every day Respect for Chickens Day!

Give a Cluck-Go Vegan!

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