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18 May 2015
“I Saw Your Bus Ad Today! – Love It!”


Ad on bus in Washington DC

Washington, DC

“I think you guys do great work. I work in Washington, D.C. and I saw your ad on the side of a Metro Bus today. Money well spent, I say! Because of your tireless efforts and because of the visibility of your ad, I'm going to join later today.” – Shelly Schwartz



Ad on bus in Boston


“I’m so excited about your awesome signs in Watertown, Massachusetts on the MBT buses! I just love it – it’s so cool!” – Josh



Ad on bus in Minneapolis


"I drive a bus in Minneapolis. Today on the back of another bus I saw an ad for your group. I thought it was a really nice ad showing a hen with her wing around her chick. It was a positive message with a nice picture. Good job! I have been a vegetarian for 30 years for the animals. Keep up the good and important work! Thanks." – Moosebird



Ad on bus in San Francisco

San Francisco

"I’m so excited every time I see a Muni bus driving through downtown San Francisco with your beautiful ad for compassion and kindness. What a great way to share ideas about veganism and an alternative to animal cruelty with so many people! Thanks, UPC, for your great work and creative efforts to raise awareness and grow compassion.” – Chris Marco



Dear Friends,

If you love our What Wings Are For - Go Vegan! Bus Ads as we do, please help us keep our buses running with a generous tax-deductible donation. The total cost for printing, posting, and running the ads through TITAN OUTDOOR and OUTFRONT MEDIA, in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, and Washington, DC, in May 2015, was $76,300. An added benefit of these beautiful banners is that they often stay on the buses longer than a month. The exposure to our message is amazing! Help us do more!


Please Donate

Thank you for your support!
– United Poultry Concerns


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