United Poultry Concerns May, 3 2006

A Plea for Chickens

From Mark Hawthorne:

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, May 4, is International Respect for Chickens Day -- a day in which we recognize and honor the unique characteristics of this animal. Of course, I could not call myself an activist if I did not ask you to refrain from eating chicken meat and eggs tomorrow. Chickens represent about 90% of the 10 billion animals raised and slaughtered for food in this country; moreover, in the U.S. there are nearly 300 million hens in battery cages right now, each one confined in order to satisfy our appetite for eggs. Although many people regard eating eggs as cruelty-free, the fact is egg-laying hens suffer unimaginable horrors before their bodies are worn out and they, too, are sent to slaughter at a young age.

I have two pieces of good news, though. First, we can all do something about this -- tomorrow and every day -- by not consuming chicken meat and eggs. Second, there is a wealth of delicious, nutritious plant-based foods out there to please even the most demanding palate … you can even find substitutes for meat and eggs that can be prepared in your favorite recipes.

No one needs to eat these animal products, and we’ll do chickens, and all animals, an incredible kindness by not eating them. Even abstaining for one day is a start.

I encourage you to spend a few minutes visiting these eye-opening Web sites; you’ll learn a lot about these dignified birds -- and how they are treated in agribusiness:

United Poultry Concerns

East Bay Animal Advocates investigates Foster Farms

The Hidden Lives of Chickens

For information on meat and egg substitutes, please visit

Thank you very much!


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