United Poultry Concerns May, 16 2005

International Respect for Chickens Day at Poplar Spring

4th graders from The Tubman School, in Washington D.C., celebrate International Respect for Chickens Day at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

“Dear UPC,

Thank you so much for all the materials you sent us for International Respect for Chickens Day. The Tubman School from NW Washington, DC came for a tour and helped us celebrate this wonderful event. The 4 th graders learned all about how smart and amazing chickens are, and we spent time visiting with them. Everyone received a ‘Stick Up For Chickens’ or ‘Friends Not Food’ button and the booklet Nature’s Chicken. We had a great discussion after the children viewed your poster, “What Wings are For.” They had never really considered what chicken wings really are. Thanks for creating this celebration. I think the children (and teachers!) gained a new appreciation and respect for chickens.”

--Terry and Dave, co-directors of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland (www.animalsanctuary.org)


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