United Poultry Concerns May, 18 2005

“Chickens deserve respect”

By Wayne M. Anderson

Inter-County Leader –Northern Currents, Section B

May 18, 2005, p. 24

“Respect a chicken.

“The first-annual International Respect for Chickens Day was held in Wisconsin and elsewhere in America, on May 4.

“The event was sponsored by United Poultry Concerns, Inc., a group of 12,000 members based in Machipongo, Va., who promotes the love and respect of chickens – and advocates their legal rights.

“’I had not ever lived around chickens,’ said Karen Davis, president of the rescue foundation. ‘I wasn’t familiar with chickens as individuals.’ Davis said she organized the event to bring awareness to those who misunderstand chickens.

“After research into animal rights, genetic engineering and teaching at the University of Maryland, she became aware of the intelligence of chickens. Davis said she earned a doctorate at the university in English Literature in 1987. That was ‘the year I met Viva.’

“Viva is a chicken Davis met, and acts as a figurehead for the organization. ‘More than almost any other single factor . . . she kinda launched me,’ said Davis. . . .”

“You can read the tale of ‘Viva’ along with stories, poems and other ways of ‘sticking up for chickens’ at www.upc-online.org.”

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