United Poultry Concerns June 14, 2006

Respect for Chickens Day 2006 at Poplar Spring

This year we celebrated with fourth graders from the Ross School in Washington, D.C.  Just like last year, it went very well and your buttons and booklets were very well received.  In fact, the buttons with you and your chicken Alice on them were the most popular - the children were fighting over who would get them!  This year we spent a good amount of time talking about chickens, what they like to do, what their favorite foods and activities are, and how they are treated by humans. We looked at your posters about what wings are for, and the birds in the trees after being in the battery cages, and spent some time discussing them.  Then we all went down to the chicken barn and everyone held and petted chickens, and watched them in their natural environment, scratching and pecking under the trees, and enjoying life.  I believe it was the first time that any of them had ever thought of a chicken as anything more than food, and I think everyone (the teachers included) gained a new respect for them.  I know they greatly enjoyed the time they spent learning about and hanging out with the chickens - they didn't want to leave.  So thanks again for creating and promoting a special day for chickens - it was another wonderful event!

Terry Cummings, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Poolesville, Maryland (www.animalsanctuary.org)

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