United Poultry Concerns June 19, 2007

2007 Chicken Run Rescue Photo Contest Winning Photos

This message is being sent to you from United Poultry Concerns on behalf of the Minneapolis, MN-based group Chicken Run Rescue

Thanks to all who have submitted photos to the 2007 Chicken Run Rescue Photo Contest.

Congratulations to the winners! Their names are listed at the end of this message.

All of the entries were wonderful. They depict so clearly the love, joy and respect felt for chickens by those who know them best-those who share their lives and homes with them. All of the photos entered will remain on the contest site.

Of the top vote getters, we chose those photos we felt best fit Chicken Run Rescue's mission to promote the emotional bonds formed by having chickens as companions and showing what life is like living with them. Wherever possible, we selected pictures of familiar breed adult chickens rather than fancy breed or chicks to discourage breeding or buying them for their appearance alone. We especially love the pictures of birds who have clearly been rescued from dire straits and found a new life. There are never enough homes for displaced animals.

Winners will receive a free 2008 calendar.

To order:

Calendar price is $25. Send an e-mail message with "2008 Calendar" in the subject heading to


We will contact you for payment details. There will also be ordering information on the website soon. The calendars should be ready for delivery by September. Profits go directly to helping chickens.

We have already started receiving submissions for next years contest so don't put your camera away.

Visit http://www.brittonclouse.com/chickenrunrescue/ for up-to-date entry information.

Mary Britton Clouse
Chicken Run Rescue
Minneapolis, MN

"If robin redbreast in a cage puts all heaven in a rage, how feels heaven
when dies the billionth battery hen?"
--Spike Milligan

2007 Chicken Run Rescue Photo Contest Winning Photos

"Kermit¹s Cohorts"    Carmen Vaz Altenberg    Buffalo, MN    USA

"Simone"    Jodi Hesse    Chaska, MN    USA

"Lisa LIsa"    Dorothy Malm,    Lindenhurst, NY     USA

"Wolfman Jack"    Diane Pederson     Centuria, WI     USA

"Beautiful Silky Boy"   Nanci J. Williams    Redwood City, CA     USA

"Gardening"    Jamie Acor    Memphis, TN     USA

"Nellie"    Sorel Colina    Sandwich, MA     USA

"MayFly"    Natalie Bowman     Watkins Glen, NY     USA

"Ruby- What Wings Are For"    Jim Robertson on behalf of United Poultry
Concerns    Chocowinity, NC     USA

"Latt'e and Goldie"    Keith Kirchgesler     Mount Vernon, WA    USA

"Dorothy"    Joachim Dippold    Piringsdorf, Austria, Europe     Austria

"Silver Grey Dorkings"    Sky Van den Berge    Nth Richmond NSW Australia

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