United Poultry Concerns
31 May 2011
Rooftop Protest at Melbourne Egg Laying Farm
on May 4, International Respect for Chickens Day egg farm rooftop protest

We organized a huge rooftop protest at an egg laying farm in Melbourne [Australia] on May 4, International Respect for Chickens Day! We had 22 people involved and 16 on the roof of the factory farm for 12 hours and 15 of us were arrested. We all face court for trespass on June 15 (We have good pro bono legal help).

This is a link to our fb photo album about the action.


We got so much media from this event. Even two TV stations flew their helicopters overhead and ran the footage on the news that night and it was reported in Japan and Europe. It gets so frustrating and depressing at times to see and know there are now more animals than ever before being tormented and abused, but grassroots groups are also sprouting up everywhere and there is no doubt the time will come when human greed and selfishness collapse and things improve for animals.
Patty Mark, President
Animal Liberation Victoria Inc.

for a vegan world...

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