Update/Action Alert:

Dying Duck Race in Deming NM

Poultry Duck Drawing
Illustration by Jazelle Lieske

"The Duck Races in Deming will not be a big 'show' anymore"
--Bob Young, Sangre de Cristo Animal Protection, Las Cruces

For the past 3 years UPC has campaigned against the annual duck races held each August in Deming NM by the Chamber of Commerce. The ducks, often rented, are forced to run wearing clothes in 100 degree heat and are frequently dumped with broken wings and other injuries when the event is over. The races have dwindling support. Local papers noted last year's crowds were sparse. Tickets were reduced from $5 to $1. Afterward, the director resigned citing poor community support. This year's races are scheduled for August 24-25th.

What Can I Do?

This event is basically a dead duck. Urge the Deming Chamber of Commerce to replace it with fresh, positive entertainment. Contact: Deming Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 88031, Deming NM 88030. ph: 505-546-2674; fax: 9569. You can call 1-800-848-4955.