Action Alert

Tell Oprah Winfrey to Treat Turkeys Tenderly

On January 24, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah told viewers she switched to eating turkey after seeing the movie Babe. She told viewers that Louis Rich turkey bacon was a great food choice.

What Can I Do?

Please Protest. Tell Oprah that turkeys bred for food production are miserable, sick, and badly treated. They are loaded with antibiotics. It pains them even to stand. They frequently must walk on their wings because of the painful orthopedic diseases from which they suffer as a result of being bred for meat. In nature, baby turkeys spend almost a year bonding with their mothers. In modern turkey production, young birds are deprived of this experience, with destructive consequences for the birds, including chronic fear, starvation, and extremely high mortality. All turkey parents are subjected to the violent and degrading procedure of artificial insemination and semen-milking. Turkey sheds are infested with filth and salmonella. Turkey sausages, bacon & bologna have ground-up bones as a major ingredient.

The superior health benefits of a vegetarian diet have been scientifically documented. The variety of delicious, nutritious vegetarian dishes, ready-to-cook convenience foods, and cookbooks is huge and growing. Tell Oprah to promote the Turkey's Golden Rule: Don't Gobble Me!


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