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15 July 2015
Asphyxiation cruel to chickens


Animal Haven president Frank DeGiacomo calls killing the chickens on Oahu with carbon dioxide (CO2) inhumane (“Initiative targets feral fowl overrunning city facilities,” Honolulu Star-Advertiser, July 11). He’s right. That this method meets American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines means nothing. CO2 is used to kill animals because it’s cheap. Since “euthanasia” means a merciful death, the term does not apply to CO2 asphyxiation of chickens in a lethal chamber.

CO2 activates brain regions in birds that activate pain perception. Chickens’ chemical receptors are extremely sensitive to CO2, causing them to breathe rapidly and deeply to expel the poisonous gas. Sadly, this only increases their intake, and their death is protracted and cruel.

DeGiacomo urges the city to use Ovo Control, a contraceptive he says would reduce the number of chickens on Oahu. If a truly humane method of controlling the chicken population exists, it should be used instead of subjecting these birds to a horrible death.

Karen Davis
President, United Poultry Concerns Machipongo, Va.


Viewing this letter on the Honolulu Star-Advertiser site requires a subscription:
Letter: Asphyxiation cruel to chickens



For more information about what you can do to help these chickens, please see our Action Alert:
Stop Cruel Roundup and Gassing of Feral Chickens in Honolulu

Chicken family near Florida Everglades
A chicken family in the Florida Everglades. Photo by Davida G. Breier


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