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20 July 2015
Stop Gassing the Birds!
Petitioning Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell

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Hen walking with her chicks

Please contact Honolulu Mayor, Kirk Caldwell, and demand that he stop the round-up and gassing to death of feral (free-living) chickens in Honolulu.

There's nothing "humane" about gassing birds with carbon dioxide. It burns their eyes. nose, throat, and lungs. It can cause severe nausea, vomiting, bloody vomiting, and dry heaving, all while very slowly suffocating. Birds in a CO2 gas chamber often attack each other out of panic and distress. When they don't die, they get thrown back into the chamber for even more suffering.

Gassing animals to death with CO2 is opposed by Animal Haven, Animal Rights Hawaii, United Poultry Concerns, The Humane Society of the United States, and the American Humane Association – to name just a few. The City and County of Honolulu, for decades, have deployed a great variety of hunters, trappers, exterminators, and others to trap and kill the birds. They are well aware that rounding up and killing is futile. It even causes the birds to spread out and establish themselves in even more new areas. They also know that OvoControl birth control feed works, but they would rather keep the contracts flowing for campaign dollars than solve the problem. They'd prefer that the chickens be cruelly asphyxiated to death.

What Can I Do?

Please Sign & Share this petition

Urge Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell to use birth control instead of trapping and gassing the chickens. Tell him you are outraged that his administration would trap and torture these birds to death when contraception is the only humane and effective way to reduce the feral chicken population.

Phone: (808) 768-4141

Email: Mayor@honolulu.gov

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayorkirkhnl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MayorKirk



I am signing this petition because a CO2 death chamber is a torture chamber for the chickens, that would be unacceptable regardless, but is even more unacceptable given that a birth control feed designed especially for birds is available to control the chicken population in Honolulu. Stop torturing these beautiful bird families and start acting compassionately toward them. Choose contraception, not CO2 cruelty and torture. I look forward to a civilized response from you and your administration.

Karen Davis,
President, United Poultry Concerns



Please Sign & Share this petition

Thank you for taking action.
– United Poultry Concerns


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