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28 October 2015
Tyson Employees Torture Chickens
Mercy For Animals’ Latest Investigation
Chickens punched, thrown, sexually assaulted by Tyson employees

MFA President Nathan Runkle writes:

“It’s sickening. Birds punched, thrown, and even sexually assaulted.
“Working undercover at a Tyson Foods slaughterhouse in Mississippi, a courageous MFA investigator documented chickens being dumped, dropped, dragged, hit like punching bags, tortured for fun, and even sexually assaulted as they were violently slammed into shackles on the slaughter line. He also documented countless birds getting their heads ripped off while they were still alive and chirping.
“Yesterday, MFA filed affidavits with the Leake County Court in Mississippi to initiate charges of a total of 33 counts of animal cruelty against Tyson Foods Inc. and six particularly malicious workers at the facility.”

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