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Trader Joe's Drops Duck Meat

Viva! Campaign Successful!

Thanks to phone calls and letters from thousands of animal activists and concerned shoppers, Trader Joe's supermarket announced it will no longer sell duck meat. At issue is the cruelty of duck production including filthy warehouses holding thousands of de-billed ducks, many of them suffering from untreated infections linked to their stressful, unsanitary living conditions including lack of water to rinse their eyes in.

Swimming Ducks
UPC photo by Karen Davis
You can thank Trader Joe's by calling 626-441-1177 or by writing to:

John Shields, CEO
Trader Joe's
PO Box 3270
South Pasadena, CA 91031

For more information about duck factory farming and how you can help ducks, contact Viva!, PO Box 49023, Atlanta, GA 30359. Tel: 404-315-8881. W: . E: