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UPC's Realtor, David Kabler, Appeals Perdue Verdict

Despite public outrage against letting Perdue Farms set up chicken houses in Northampton County, Virginia (where UPC now resides and from which poultry factory operations have so far been excluded), the county's Board of Supervisors voted to let Perdue in. (See PoultryPress Fall/Winter 1998, 5). So David Kabler sued the county--and lost. But the fight is not over. In March, David filed a notice of appeal with the Virginia Supreme Court challenging the County Circuit Court Judge's decision to uphold a "special-use" permit for Perdue.

Meanwhile, construction of this concentration camp for "pedigree" chickens 5 miles down the road from United Poultry Concerns seems to be on hold.

For more information about the lawsuit and how you can help, contact David Kabler at 757-331-2102; e-mail: