United Poultry Concerns
25 November 2011
Turkeys Rescued by Loving People by Karen Dawn of DawnWatch

She writes: “It's that time of year again: I have just completed my fourth annual turkey rescue. The YouTube video is at Turkey Rescue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATMfRyb7IdY

It introduces you to Russell and Perry Turkey, named for newly vegan newlyweds Russell Brand and Katy Perry. The turkeys were originally named Russell and Katy but when Katy's snood started to extend down over her beak I realized she, or he, had to be renamed. They are a modern couple. After the holidays they will head for Animal Acres, outside Los Angeles.”

Learn more about turkeys at www.upc-online.org/turkeys including UPC president Karen Davis’s widely published November 2011 essay “Amelia, a Turkey Beloved by All.”

United Poultry Concerns wishes everyone a happy and compassionate thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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