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29 November 2013
UPC’s Holiday Commuter Campaign &
White House Demo for Turkeys Urge People to
“Be Kind to Turkeys - Go Vegan!”
in the Nation’s Capital

From November 18 through December 15, sixty King-Size Bus Posters and 100 Metro Rail Headliners are carrying our message through the Washington, DC Metro Area.

UPC poster inside Metro bus

UPC poster on the exterior of a Metro bus
Photos by CBS Outdoor


White House Demonstration for Turkeys

Regarding the turkey “pardoning” ceremony at the White House, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette noted that:

“While no protesters were present Wednesday, three activists with United Poultry Concerns on a cold day earlier this month [Nov. 21] stood on the edge of the park across the street from the White House and passed out fliers urging people to ‘discover a new tradition.’ Their flier says domestic turkeys are fattened rapidly, causing them to be lame and have underdeveloped organs.

A banner spread across the leaves in Lafayette Park asked, ‘Why have a headless turkey with dead wings and leg stumps for dinner?’”

UPC protest at turkey pardon

UPC leafleting at turkey pardon
Photos by United Poultry Concerns

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