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29 May 2014
Liberation of Valentin & Tribute to Amy:
Two Turkeys Find Love Before It's Too Late

Liberation of Valentin the Turkey in Mexico – “He is able to puff up for the first time in his life and stroll around the house and garden.”

Dear UPC

It’s absolutely fabulous that you are offering materials in Spanish! Although I only have a tiny house right now in the city, this beautiful boy came my way a few months ago and we’re all making it work. A local businessman I see often has had this poor turkey in a two-foot-square cage for over two years – he was to be a Christmas dinner prepared by the man’s mother, and when she died suddenly, he couldn’t let the bird go or bear to eat him.

The fellow is a dear man, and I’ve pestered him all this time to let me give his poor bird a good home. . . . So this is Valentin and he is able to puff up for the first time in his life and stroll around the house and garden. Such a joy to see him flower and make sweet turkey sounds! My Mexican neighbors are fascinated and stop for coffee just to sit and visit with him. As you well know, this is the absolute best way to open discussions about going vegan! Mexico has become a huge poultry producer, number 4 now, I think, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see this country emulating the US. Valentin is wonderfully affectionate and personable and he is doing a terrific job of getting people to think compassionately about poultry.

Nancy Hild, Mexico and Chicago

Valentin being held by Nancy

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A Tribute to Amy in Ireland

The Face of “Humane Meat”
by Sandra Higgins,
Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary

Amy's story of rescue, rehabilitation and her role now as an ambassador for animals who are used for what is euphemistically referred to as "humane meat," features this week on Free From Harm. You can also read her story here at Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Don’t wait till Thanksgiving to Stick Up for Turkeys
– Start Now! - www.upc-online.org/turkeys

Right: Swollen sinuses rendering her unable to see.

Below: Amy one year after recovery, with her friend Megan.

Photos courtesy Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Amy, victim of the Humane Meat Myth

Amy with her friend Megan after recovery

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