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5 March 2014
Martha Rosenberg portrait
There Is a Way to Stop Tragic Livestock Fires

Martha Rosenberg

United Poultry Concerns is extremely grateful to award-winning author and investigative reporter Martha Rosenberg for her invaluable help in publicizing our campaign to educate the public about the horrific suffering and death of millions of chickens and other farmed animals in fires each year in the United States and the opportunity to urge the National Fire Protection Association to require sprinklers and smoke control systems in all newly-constructed animal housing facilities. Please read Martha Rosenberg’s article in the Huffington Post, published March 4, 2014, and share it with others.

What Else Can I Do to Help?
Protect Farmed Animals from Preventable Fires!

Being burned alive is a terrible way to die. Yet millions of chickens, turkeys and other animals burn to death each year in buildings they can’t escape from. For example, in January, 300,000 hens, trapped in a building in La Grange, Wisconsin, died horribly in a massive fire, and in February, 1000 pigs burned to death in a fire that consumed their buildings in Cutler, Indiana.

Nearly 7,000 farmed animal housing fires occur each year in the United States. Walled up in their prisons, the animals shriek, bang against the bars of their cages, panic and pile on one another in their pain and terror.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – “The Authority on Fire, Electrical & Building Safety” – is considering an amendment that would require all newly-constructed animal housing facilities to be equipped with sprinklers and smoke control systems. This amendment is opposed by the agribusiness lobby. They’d rather let their animals burn to death than waste money on mercy.

Please Help!
The NFPA is inviting written public comment. They need to hear from people who care. Please urge the NFPA to amend their 150 Standard for Fire & Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities to require sprinklers and smoke control systems in all newly-constructed animal housing facilities holding “Category B” animals. No animal should ever be forced to die helplessly in a preventable fire.

Submission Deadlines:
The closing date for paper submittals is 4/11/2014 and the closing date for online submittals is 5/16/2014.

Address paper submittals to :
Linda Fuller, Recording Secretary for Standards Council
National Fire Protection Association
1 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02169

Tel: 617-770-3000 Fax: 617-770-0700
Website: www.nfpa.org

To submit your comment online, go to:

Sign our Change.org Petition to the National Fire Protection Association!

Thank you for taking action!

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