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24 July 2013
Students Excited to Learn about Chickens & Turkeys & the Go Vegan Life!

By Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns

Monday July 22 was a great day. I drove from Machipongo, VA to Salisbury, Maryland on the Eastern Shore to talk to four classroom groups of students, grades 6 to 9, about chickens and turkeys and being vegan. Summer school science teacher Corey Haynes invited me to speak to her students at The Salisbury School “to give them a new look at these animals so they can learn to appreciate them.”

Corey’s students were thoughtful, attentive and interested in my PowerPoint slide show “Chicken versus Chickens: What Is the Difference and Why Does It Matter?” Some already knew about the “Perdue” chicken houses that dominate this region. I wish I could reproduce the classroom experience for all to share, but these pictures tell the story. Another teacher who attended my talk said afterward, “What you say about animals – chickens – having emotions, I had never really thought about that before.”

I thank Corey Haynes for making this wonderful day for all of us. I thank the students for their interest in my stories about chickens and turkeys. In a follow-up email Corey said that several, inspired by our experience, followed by watching “Food Inc.,” were “creating vegetarian plans.”

Slideshow of Photos from Classroom Visit
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