International Respect for Chickens Day May 4, 2007

A Day to Celebrate Chickens Throughout the World

International Respect for Chickens Day May 4, 2007
Photo By: Poplar Spring

“For Respect for Chickens Day, United Poultry Concerns is encouraging educators, students, office workers and activists to do an action for chickens – everything from showing the movie Chicken Run to setting up a library display to passing out leaflets on a busy street corner.” – Orlando Sentinel 2006

“We distributed the pamphlets and it was very fulfilling getting the info out. Yes, having an international day for respecting chickens is a wonderful ‘in.' ” – Jill Doornick, Rye, New York

“There was much discussion in the classroom. Respect for Chickens Day planted ideas and images that were not there before. I don’t think they’ll think of eating chickens in the same way.” – Cam MacQueen, Howard University student, Washington DC

“It was great! I awoke at 7am to Bruce on the radio talking about chickens!” – Debra Probert, Vancouver Humane Society, British Columbia

“We had a great discussion after the children viewed your poster, ‘What Wings are For.’ They had never really considered what chicken wings really are. Thanks for creating this celebration.” – Terry and Dave, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Poolesville, Maryland

International Respect for Chickens Day is an annual project created by United Poultry Concerns in 2005 to celebrate the dignity, beauty and life of chickens and to protest the bleakness of their lives in farming operations. Last year’s event sparked media coverage and special actions by individuals and groups. Start thinking now about what you can do in your community, on or around May 4, to highlight the life and suffering of chickens. Our new full-color CHICKENS brochures are a great way to reach people. (20/$4, 50/$7, 100/$10)