Not A “Good Thing”

Martha Stewart in Bad Taste

Martha Stewart's new special-edition magazine, Entertaining, promotes pate de foie gras (fatty liver paste) in many recipes. Foie gras producers force-feed ducks and geese to abnormally distend their livers. Birds are confined in small cages or crowded pens for 28 days of force-feeding. 16"-long tubes are rammed down their throats, attached to a pressurized pump that gorges the birds, leaving many birds unable to walk naturally. Necropsies during a foie gras farm police raid showed heart disorders, ruptured liver cell membranes, cirrhosis of the liver, and lesions (wounds) in the gizzards and intestines of the force- fed birds. Dead birds have been found with food spilling up from their stomachs out of their nostrils.

What Can I Do?
  • Do not purchase fatty liver paste (foie gras), and do not buy Martha Stewart's magazine, Entertaining, and tell her why. Write to: Letters Department, Martha Stewart Living, 11 West 42nd St, New York NY 10036. Fax 212-827-8204.