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1 March 2013
Justin Warren, Director of Beta Theta Pi Chapter Operations, on Steps Taken Thus Far to Prevent Future Animal Abuse Episodes

Subject: The Beta Theta Pi Turkey Abuse Episode December 14, 2012 at The University of Kansas.

February 27, 2013 Email Letter to United Poultry Concerns

Ms. Davis,

At this time, I am happy to provide you an update from the perspective of the General Fraternity on some of the things that have happened since the chapter’s activities were suspended in December. As you will see below, the internal investigation is complete and the chapter is in the process of holding members accountable for their direct actions in releasing the turkey from his cage that evening. The chapter is still working with authorities on whether or not legal ramifications will result from the event for any individuals. Therefore, there could be further developments if any further issues arise:

  • The internal investigation being conducted by a private investigator (in no way connected to the DA’s office) has recently been completed. Until we receive final word on sanctions given to individual members, the chapter has been placed under “Suspension” with limited privileges to operate as a chapter on KU’s campus. Judicial guidelines have been put in place that anyone who is found guilty of animal abuse by a court of law will be expelled from the fraternity. Any non-criminal wrongdoing may still result in punishment up-to and including expulsion.

  • There will be no live animals permitted at any future chapter events. In addition, Beta Theta Pi’s Board of Trustees is discussing the rewording of a statement currently in our risk management policy that prohibits chapter pets to include the prohibition of any live animal, regardless of campus affiliation.

  • The men will host a chapter-wide service project or fund-raiser with all proceeds going to a charitable society benefitting an animal related organization.

  • An animal rights/abuse speaker will be invited to the house for dinner and asked to execute a presentation with all chapter members.

More broadly, the men have made adjustments in their operations to reduce the chances that acts like this will occur again due to alcohol and have committed to increase member attendance at leadership development programs in hopes to avoid any instances of bystander apathy in the future. The chapter recognized the need for a number of these directives on their own and have worked very cooperatively with the General Fraternity to make these changes.



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