Please Write Or Call "Peter Jennings"
On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 10th & 11th, ABC World News Tonight With Peter Jennings did a two-part series on illegal immigrant workers in the U.S. poultry industry. The poultry industry knowingly hires many illegal immigrants to work in slaughterhouses and do the dirty work of chicken catching. Every night in this country over 30 million chickens are rounded up for transport to slaughterhouses. Many birds die of heart failure, suffocation, and hemorrhaging during catching. Their legs, wings, hips, and necks are broken. Birds are terrorized and traumatized to the point of "tonic immobility" in which their muscles become paralyzed, as indicated in the heaps of "frozen" living birds glimpsed in the footage.

While we commend "Peter Jennings" for airing these scenes, we condemn the fact that the show completely ignored the brutal bashing of the birds by the workers. Some comment about this cruelty to the birds and their suffering should have been made.

"Peter Jennings" showed human beings at our worst and said Nothing. It showed 7-week old baby birds treated like footballs and said Nothing. Please complain LOUD AND CLEAR.


Paul Friedman
Executive Producer
ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings
47 West 66th St, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10023
1-800-221-7386, ext. 4040 (inside line: use it)

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