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4 August 2014
Dozens of Ducks and Geese Dying in Drought Stricken California: Please Help

Approximately 30 flightless domestic geese and half a dozen ducks are suffering, as their pond recently dried up in Woodland, California. Generations of these birds have called this manmade pond home since the 1980s, but drought conditions are so severe, the pond has dried up for the first time in decades. The geese and ducks have nowhere to go and are wandering the parched earth suffering from dehydration.

The city of Woodland has been slow to act. They finally put out a water trough this weekend, but several geese have already died. Without a large body of water, the birds have no way to escape predators like coyotes and bobcats that frequent the area. Animal advocates, including United Poultry Concerns, are mobilizing a rescue attempt tomorrow, Tuesday, August 5, at 8 a.m., even though we have been told that the City of Woodland may be resistant to the geese and ducks being moved. Last week, they threatened to arrest rescuers for trespassing and theft. We did get word just yesterday however that they may be more open to the rescue, so we are asking our members to please help us persuade them.

Gosling photo by: Alan D. Wilson Photo: Alan D. Wilson

Take Action:

Call and email the city of Woodland and kindly ask them to allow rescuers from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and United Poultry Concerns to move the geese and ducks as soon as possible, even temporarily, to prevent more deaths. We have a location that is willing to take the birds with a large body of water. Please be respectful and considerate in your correspondences.

Please contact:

Frank Meyer, Director of Public Works

Tom Stallard, Mayor of Woodland
Email: tstallard@legintent.com

Jennifer Robinson, Secretary to Paul Navazio, City Manager
Email: jennifer.robinson@cityofwoodland.org

Also, go to this webpage to leave a comment: City of Woodland

If you are in or near the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to help with the rescue, please contact Hope Bohanec, hope@upc-online.org or 707-540-1760.

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