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26 June 2015
Marriott Hotels:
Stop Purchasing Down Pillows and Down Duvets
for Hotel Rooms and for Sale Online


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Petition by Susan George • 84,047 supporters

Geese after feathers have been plucked

Tell Marriott Hotels
Stop using goose down that may have been cruelly collected.

When you sleep at a Marriott hotel, your head may be resting on feathers torn from live geese.

Marriott uses goose down products throughout its hotel chain. Its lead supplier gets its feathers from Hungary, a country where much of the down is ripped out of live, force-fed geese who often endure this process 6-7 times before it finally kills them.

Call on Marriott to stop using cruel goose down bedding, and switch to ethical, cruelty-free alternatives.


Ways You Can End This Cruelty


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For more information about feathers & down and what you can do, visit:


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