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15 February 2012
Tell Rocket Grants NO to Chicken Slaughter
“Art” Project at Spencer Museum!

Statement from the Rocket Grants program about The Story of Chickens
http://rocketgrants.org/2012/02/09/statement-from-the-rocket-grants-program-about-the-story-of-chickens/ (Please leave a reply.)

Also, please email Dr. Saralyn Reese Hardy, Director of the Spencer Museum of Art.

UPC President Karen Davis sent her the following letter today. Please contact Dr. Hardy and urge her to cancel “The Story of Chickens” slaughter exhibit. Thank You!

Attention: Dr. Saralyn Reese Hardy, Director
Spencer Museum of Art
Via email: SRH@KU.EDU
Via email: spencerart@ku.edu

Dear Dr. Hardy:

I am writing to you respectfully though full of disgust to urge you to use your authority to cancel the ill-conceived chicken slaughter “art” project scheduled to begin in March. I am appalled that an institution I would normally associate with civilized and humane artistic values would even dream of being associated with this heartless travesty of art.

As I wrote on your Facebook page upon learning about this exhibit featuring animal abuse, animal degradation and pointless death, United Poultry Concerns opposes Amber Hansen’s proposed “The Story of Chickens: A Revolution.” A traveling carnival of five chickens through Lawrence, culminating in the communal bloodletting execution of these poor birds, most likely in front of each other, is a desperate, bankrupt attempt on the part of the museum and the “artist” to be “original.” But it isn’t. It’s stale, cruel, and impoverished. It’s a moral Dead End.

The words HEARTLESS, PITILESS, and CRUEL keep coming to my mind now as I think about the Spencer Museum of Art and its promotion of cruelty and death as “art.” Shame on Spencer.

Cheap, cloying rhetoric notwithstanding, there is nothing kind or respectful about turning these helpless birds into a degraded spectacle, and, contrary to claims that throat-cutting is “humane,” it is not. Throat-cutting is extremely painful to the victim, made worse when the victim is immobilized in a killing cone that prevents him or her from struggling, while conveniently hiding the evidence of suffering (apart from the hoarse cries of the birds) from view.

Cuddling these chickens and gaining their trust, then turning on them with a knife, while this may be a standard farming practice, is neither humane nor necessary. It’s snuff “art” seeking a legitimized outlet. The project is misconceived. It is ugly. It is not revolutionary in any worthwhile sense. We urge you to cancel it immediately. I speak for many sickened and angry people who grieve that your institution would be a party to such violence to helpless birds.

Here are a few of them:


Karen Davis, PhD, President
United Poultry Concerns
Machipongo, VA 23405


For more information, please see our original Alert:
Protest Chicken Slaughter “Art” Project in Lawrence, Kansas 8 February 2012

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